Friday, January 20, 2012

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

There are lots of people like myself that Install programs on computer and Uninstall them too. Yes there is an windows build in Uninstaller but, it didn't have any extra features, it was only made to uninstall programs. Well Advanced Uninstaller Pro has lots of extra features that will make your computer Uninstalling easier, better, and will  be beneficial to your computer.

  • Installation Monitor-Realtime Monitoring, Safe Uninstallation
  • Startup Manager- Stop annoying applications, Stop startup programs and Increase Computer speed
  • Uninstalle Programs- Removes programs and checks for leftover files
  • Duplicate Files Shredder- Remove Duplicate Files, free computer space
  • Quick Scanner- Clean computer history, browser history, keep your privacy
  • Font Manger- Uninstall, Disable fonts and speed up computer
  • Start Meny Manger- Uninstall programs, unclutter your desktop
  • Online Features-Contact other user, get help
  • File Shredder- delete private folders
  • Webbrowser Cleaner- Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla: uninstall addons, remove usage history, clean temporary folders, uninstall extensions
  • Registry Tools- Clean windos registry, optimize windows registry, and for the safety you have full registry backup
  • Reporting Tools-You can report running services, startup programs, have detailed installation logs, and installed applications reports

Final Thoughts
This is great software contains features that previously you had to buy software for example Windows Clean Up, Registry Fix, Privacy Tools, Start Up Remover Software. Whats so great you only buy this Advanced Uninstaller Pro and you have everything all ready build into it, the tools that are in this software are essential for computer performance, privacy safety and Advaned Uninstaller Pro is easy to use, and has great performance. I recommend this software because in it you get all essential features that will improve your computer performance, uninstall your programs, and make life easier because you don't have to search around for 10 different software because you got all of them in this one software Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Check it out for yourself and see the difference that this Uninstaller has to offer:

Rating: 9 out 10

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