Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wondershare Fantashow

This is digital age , many of us have digital cameras, camcorders, and lots of pictures, videos that we can share with our family and friends, but finding a right software tool that is easy and effective for uploading, creating cool videos, slide shows was an challenging part up until now when a new software was introduced by Wondershare called Fantashow.

Fantashow Features

  • Combine Videos, Photos to create video slideshow
  • Add Music to movie slide shows
  • Add Text on slide, for example: "this was our vacation"
  • What is cool is that you can burn this onto DVD and watch it on TV or you can easily transfer it to your media devices such as iPod Touch, iPod, or even to your favorite sites like YouTube. 
  • You can make this like an professional video, like an Hollywood scene or movie, with special effects and themes that will make your movie making stand out. 

Final Thoughts
Anyone can be creative with this software, creating movies, videos using this software is easy,  interesting, enjoyable and viewers of videos will be amazed.

Rating: 9 out 10

1 comment:

  1. This software is very limited in what it can do. You are stating that it is iMovie for Windows which is just a marketing ploy to get gullible people to buy it not knowing that they are being scammed by you into thinking it is as good or even in the same class as iMovie. It is not. This is just a tool to stitch together pictures and videos into a slideshow. If you intend to be able to edit video with a host of tools, you should buy ShowBiz 5, or Pinnacle 16 and stay away from this cheap knockoff.