Monday, January 16, 2012


I always watch DVD movies and the trouble that I have is after many uses the DVD's get scratched and don't work anymore properly. Well there great solution to this software called DVD CLONER that can make copy of your DVD's so that you can backup you DVD's in case if you have DVD that is not playable anymore.


  • HST Technology can decrypt all of the DVD protection and can enable you to make copy of DVD and protect them. 
  • Superior speed that makes DVD Coping Faster and Stable
  • Simple fine user interface that anyone can get adjusted to
  • OET Technology enables you to copy latest DVD formats
  • You can combine multiple DVD's to one DVD+-R DL or BD-R/RE
  • You can even backup Blu-Ray to your diskdrive
  • Whats so cool is that it removes annoying legal warning clips and advertising clips which in turn can let you to play movies faster without wasting time skipping advertisements and warning screens
  • Supports Multicore CPU
Final Thoughts

This is really great tool with speed and performance and stability, this tool can protect you from unreadable DVD movies, with it you can backup your DVD's a and also this tool will save you watching time by deleting contents of DVD like advertisements and annoying Warning Legal screens. I recommend this software to you because I have used it and have compared it to some other software and definitely there is more performance and stability with this software and just about anyone can use it with its simple interface. You can download trial version and see it for yourself at:

Rating: 10 out 10

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