Monday, January 2, 2012

Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.5

Introduction: I always plug in USB storage device into the USB port and this is one of the most common methods of saving your data to drive. Yes you get a storage manager that's build into the windows  but let me give you warning!!! I had a 4gb USB flash drive that has been damaged when I pulled it out, yes I clicked on the option to safely disconnect it from computer and next time when I plugged it in it wasn't working anymore. So if you don't want broken USB flashdrives or other storage media then I recommend you to switch over to Zentimo xStorage Manager because with this it will be easier, safer, faster to manage your external storage devices. 

  • Handy menu
  • One click removal
  • Return stopped device
  • Forced device stopping
  • Supports: USB, SATA, Firewire Devices
  • It also has shortcuts using your keyboard functions for simpler and faster use
  • Auto run on insertion
  • It puts an letter for the drives so that you know which one is which
  • When you stop drive it powers it off for safe removal
  • It has Menu with lots of info about your drives
  • With a click on specific device takes you to its folder
  • Its has more than average speeds
  • Strong TrueCrypt integration

Final Thoughts
This is really great program that makes sure that you disconnect your device properly, also it organizes your devices into menus for simpler access. It doesn't require lots of memory to run on your computer.  For personal license its only $29 which is great price. I lost an USB flashdrive that costed more money than $29, so its better on time to buy right software to protect yourself from device failure. So if you want to protect your devices and make your life simpler and faster using USB PORTS then you definitely want to check out this program. Try it or download this great program at the following website:


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