Monday, July 30, 2012

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


For example, if you download video from websites like YouTube, you have video from your HD video camera, your PSP,  and you want to transfer video to an IPOD, DVD, or your favorite media devices, the video has to be converted into the format of preferred device. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, has tons of build in formats, it converts video to many different video formats, so that you can use it on your favorite devices.


Burn to DVD, create dvd menus etc...

Video Conversion:

Edit your videos before you burn them to dvd or tranfer them to the media device:

Record  videos online:

Download online videos with ease just copy link of video and paste it and click download:

Recap of Features:

  • You get up to 6x speed with NVIDIA CUBA, AMD, INTEL CORE
  • Compatible most video formats
  • What is very good is that if when you are done converting your videos, you can burn them directly to DVD Disk, DVD Folder, or even ISO, this is plus and saves time
  • Rips DVD MP4, MPG, WMV, 3GP FLV, etc... or extracts Video or Sound and and it can convert video from it to many media formats, also sound can be extracted and then converted too. 
  • With video grabber you can download fast videos from your favorite media websites such as YouTube
  • 3D is new Video technology and if you have 2D videos you can upgrade them to 3D video mode. 
  • You can add watermark to your videos in format BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG to protect your video from unauthorized coping or usage
  • You can extract audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, M4A, etc...
  • Customize video effects like adjust brightness, contrast, resolution, saturation to get better quality videos.
  • Also if you can record your favorite online videos
  • You can edit you videos before you burn them of transfer them to you media devices


This is amazing software, because in this software you have an video converter, video grabber-downloader, sound converter, video burning tool to DVD, folder, ISO format, it also Rips DVD'S and it extracts video and sound from DVD. You have like 5 different tools in this one software. What I really like about this software is that it allows you to burn your videos directly to an DVD which is BIG PLUS, most of other brand video converters don't have this feature. Speed of this software was fast, using software was simple with not complicated user interface. 

Rating: 9 out 10

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

µTorrent Plus


 µTorrent has been around for half a decade. Its small file size, fast speed, efficient, easy to use torrent client, that outsmarts and outruns all other torrent clients.


  • File size is tiny less than 1 megabyte = fast download and fast installation
  • Simple interface, download torrents with ease
  • With uTorrent Remote, you can access your torrents from anywhere
  • Quiet/Fast- doesn't require lots of PC resources so it will not slow down your computer, also it will download torrents fast
  •  µTP technology maximizes bandwidth and reduces congestion
  • Smart- it automatically adjusts bandwidth according to your computer network speed 
  • µTorrent  Plus will protect you against viruses from torrent files
  • It plays more formats than freeware version
  • You can even convert files to play on your favorite media devices
  • Be safe with secure remote access to the files

This is great torrent client, I am recommending you this software because I have been user of it for years and there is no such software , you can try freeware version of µTorrent or buy µTorrent Plus at and see the difference in this software.

Rating 10 out 10

Monday, July 23, 2012

Nero Burning Rom 11


There are lots of software out there for burning, ripping and copying your media, but many of them are complicated and not reliable. Nero is an software company that has been around for decades and had created products that are reliable, safe, secure, and efficient. One of those products is Nero Burning Rom 11.

  • Using new technology Nero Burning Rom 11 allows you to burn disks that will work even if they are full of scratches, or have been sitting around. 
  • What is cool is that when you burn oversized files and you can't fit them all on one disk, Nero Burning Rom 11 allows you to split them on two disks, this is really good because other programs are rare which allow this function.
  • Secure Scan is another feature that will guarantee secure burned disks
  • Lets say you have an music disk, or media disk and you wanted to preserve it or back it up, well with Nero Burning Rom 11 disk copy, you can copy your music disk, HD disks, Blu-ray, its compatible with newest formats.

Before I had to use 3 to 4 different programs to accomplish tasks that Nero Burning Rom 11 has built in, its amazing that you can have all tools in one program, this saves time because you don't have to look around for different programs, also saves you money so that you don't have to buy different software, its really efficient, easy, worth the money.

you can try Nero Burning Rom 11 and see the difference:

Rating: 9 out 10

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wondershare Fantashow

This is digital age , many of us have digital cameras, camcorders, and lots of pictures, videos that we can share with our family and friends, but finding a right software tool that is easy and effective for uploading, creating cool videos, slide shows was an challenging part up until now when a new software was introduced by Wondershare called Fantashow.

Fantashow Features

  • Combine Videos, Photos to create video slideshow
  • Add Music to movie slide shows
  • Add Text on slide, for example: "this was our vacation"
  • What is cool is that you can burn this onto DVD and watch it on TV or you can easily transfer it to your media devices such as iPod Touch, iPod, or even to your favorite sites like YouTube. 
  • You can make this like an professional video, like an Hollywood scene or movie, with special effects and themes that will make your movie making stand out. 

Final Thoughts
Anyone can be creative with this software, creating movies, videos using this software is easy,  interesting, enjoyable and viewers of videos will be amazed.

Rating: 9 out 10