Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ashampoo Office 2012

Introduction- Most of us who attend Universities or any type of school get assignments like projects that deal with writing essays, creating slide-shows or creating charts and doings calculations. Well the Office Suite software that's out now is too much money costing over $300-400 and freeware versions of Office Suites are incompatible and have weird layouts and user interfaces. Well I started using The Ashampoo Office Suite 2012 the price is amazing only $39.99 which is very affordable and also the features that you get in this software are compatible, simple and efficient.


Text Maker- Is compatible with various formats, easy to use interface, lots of features.

Plan Maker- Easy to use spreadsheet that enables you to do calculations easily with over 330 calculation functions and you can also create impressive charts that can enable you to visualize your data easily.

Ashampoo Presentation- Excellent templates and amazing animations as well as transition based on direct x technology.

Final Thoughts
This is wonderful product that has everything in it that Software Suites like can range in price from $300-400 and this wonderful Ashampoo Office 2012 costs only $39.99 and don't think that price will bring features down because these guys have added features that will make your life simpler, more efficient and productive.
Try it for yourself and see the difference I am recommending this software because it really is the top.
website:    http://www.ashampoo.com/en/usd/pin/0538/Office_Software/Ashampoo-Office-2012

Rating: 8 out 10

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