Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revo Uninstaller Pro


I am type of person that always installs programs  and many of those times I have to uninstall those programs that I don't need anymore. With windows uninstaller you can uninstall program but there is still clutter of files left behind such as registry files, and program leftover that can result in Computer Errors and can decrease your computer performance. Well when I found out about Revo Uninstaller Pro and started using it, what is so good about it is that it uninstalls your programs and there are modes in which you can either uninstall software and it will search for the left over files and registry and you can delete that data, but it also backups your PC in case if you change your mind and you want that program that you have recently uninstalled or if you had computer error or crashes then you can restore it. Along with there many essential other features that will be beneficial to you computer!!!


  • Autorun Manager- You can disable any running programs
  • Browser Cleaner- Remove your browser history, cookies
  • Microsoft Office Cleaner- Remove Microsoft Office usage history, documents
  • Windows Cleaner- Remove your computer windows usage tracks
  • Evidence Remover- Completely remove data from computer so that it can not be recovered
  • Unrecoverable Delete- Delete any files so that it can not be restored
  • Junk Files Cleaner- Remove junk files created by many windows applications
  • Windows Tools- Useful windows feature tools that can be easily accessed such as 
  • Real time installation Monitor- Monitoring of your computer program installations
  • Multi-Level Backup System- It backups your computer so that if anything goes wrong you can restore to earlier setting.
  • Hunter Mode- Switch to hunter mode for easier drag and drop uninstall
Final Thoughts

With this software I can definitively uninstall my programs easily and safely, and also with extra tools keep my privacy by cleaning web browser history and windows history, speed up my computer by cleaning junk files,  disable unneeded running programs and boost my start up and whats most important know that I am safe when Revo Uninstaller Pro backups up my computer in case something goes wrong so that I can recover my data. I recommend this software because it really does great job in uninstalling your files and also with safety of backup. It will keep your computer clean, it will protect your privacy, speed up your computer. You can try it for yourself and see the difference:

Rating:  10 out 10

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