Monday, January 16, 2012

123CopyDVD Platinum


Lots of people watch DVD Movies, and if you repeatedly watch similar movies, they can get scratched and next time when you try to watch it again on your DVD player it possibly will not work. Well solution to this is that you can backup all your movies on time and preserve them so that when you have an DVD that is not working you can have an backup one.


  • Convert 2D movies to 3D
  • Media Streamer-Just upload video and you can access it from anywhere in World. 
  • You can even copy Blu-Ray movies it's one of the hot newest formats
  • Burn Blu-Ray onto DVD's and avoid buying expensive blank Blu-Ray Disks
  • Whats cool is that what ever you copy, you have an option to convert it to lots of formats and you can choose which one fits your occasion, perhaps you can convert it to your cellphone video format or to your portable media player format. 
  • Another good feature is that you can download videos from YouTube and also, find your favorite videos and store them on computer or even go step further and burn them onto DVD's to watch them on your TV
Final Thougths

This is really amazing software that's got tools that will protect your DVD and Backup your DVD so next time when you put that DVD you can be sure that It will work. It has tons of formats that you can convert your video to so that you don't have to buy additional software, and you can convert your video to your favorite devices. This software is simple and very effective with performance.  I am recommending you this software because I have used it and I have seen difference, it has made my life simpler, it has protected my DVD's  so that I don't have to worry about DVD not working, it has enabled me to transfer my favorite video to my portable devices, also I can share these video with my family across the Ocean with an easy upload. Also I watch tons of YouTube video and definitely there are videos that I want to preserve on my desktop and burn onto DVD so that I can watch them on bigger Television screen. You can try this software for yourself and see the difference: 

Rating: 10 out 10

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