Monday, January 16, 2012

Roxio Creator 2012

If you are need a software that can rip, burn music, convert it, burn files data, make backups, record, edit and burn videos, even edit your favorite pictures then refer to Roxio Creator 2012 because this software has tools that will enable you to do tasks that previously required many different software's.


  • Rip Music
  • Burn Music
  • Convert Music
  • Burn Data Files
  • Make Backups
  • Record, Edit and Burn Videos
  • Edit Pictures
  • Easy sharing of your video creations to your favorite websites like Facebook, Youtube
  • Add Magic 3D to your videos

Final Thoughts
This is really amazing how many different tools they have put inside of this one program, burning, Rip tools, Editing, Capturing Video and Converting. This really made my life easier and simpler because I don't have to search around for different programs to do my tasks when I have all of them in this one program Roxio Creator 2012. I recommend this software because it really has performance, stability, quality, efficiency. Check this software out at:

Rating: 10 out 10

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