Friday, January 20, 2012

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

There are lots of people like myself that Install programs on computer and Uninstall them too. Yes there is an windows build in Uninstaller but, it didn't have any extra features, it was only made to uninstall programs. Well Advanced Uninstaller Pro has lots of extra features that will make your computer Uninstalling easier, better, and will  be beneficial to your computer.

  • Installation Monitor-Realtime Monitoring, Safe Uninstallation
  • Startup Manager- Stop annoying applications, Stop startup programs and Increase Computer speed
  • Uninstalle Programs- Removes programs and checks for leftover files
  • Duplicate Files Shredder- Remove Duplicate Files, free computer space
  • Quick Scanner- Clean computer history, browser history, keep your privacy
  • Font Manger- Uninstall, Disable fonts and speed up computer
  • Start Meny Manger- Uninstall programs, unclutter your desktop
  • Online Features-Contact other user, get help
  • File Shredder- delete private folders
  • Webbrowser Cleaner- Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla: uninstall addons, remove usage history, clean temporary folders, uninstall extensions
  • Registry Tools- Clean windos registry, optimize windows registry, and for the safety you have full registry backup
  • Reporting Tools-You can report running services, startup programs, have detailed installation logs, and installed applications reports

Final Thoughts
This is great software contains features that previously you had to buy software for example Windows Clean Up, Registry Fix, Privacy Tools, Start Up Remover Software. Whats so great you only buy this Advanced Uninstaller Pro and you have everything all ready build into it, the tools that are in this software are essential for computer performance, privacy safety and Advaned Uninstaller Pro is easy to use, and has great performance. I recommend this software because in it you get all essential features that will improve your computer performance, uninstall your programs, and make life easier because you don't have to search around for 10 different software because you got all of them in this one software Advanced Uninstaller Pro: Check it out for yourself and see the difference that this Uninstaller has to offer:

Rating: 9 out 10

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Revo Uninstaller Pro


I am type of person that always installs programs  and many of those times I have to uninstall those programs that I don't need anymore. With windows uninstaller you can uninstall program but there is still clutter of files left behind such as registry files, and program leftover that can result in Computer Errors and can decrease your computer performance. Well when I found out about Revo Uninstaller Pro and started using it, what is so good about it is that it uninstalls your programs and there are modes in which you can either uninstall software and it will search for the left over files and registry and you can delete that data, but it also backups your PC in case if you change your mind and you want that program that you have recently uninstalled or if you had computer error or crashes then you can restore it. Along with there many essential other features that will be beneficial to you computer!!!


  • Autorun Manager- You can disable any running programs
  • Browser Cleaner- Remove your browser history, cookies
  • Microsoft Office Cleaner- Remove Microsoft Office usage history, documents
  • Windows Cleaner- Remove your computer windows usage tracks
  • Evidence Remover- Completely remove data from computer so that it can not be recovered
  • Unrecoverable Delete- Delete any files so that it can not be restored
  • Junk Files Cleaner- Remove junk files created by many windows applications
  • Windows Tools- Useful windows feature tools that can be easily accessed such as 
  • Real time installation Monitor- Monitoring of your computer program installations
  • Multi-Level Backup System- It backups your computer so that if anything goes wrong you can restore to earlier setting.
  • Hunter Mode- Switch to hunter mode for easier drag and drop uninstall
Final Thoughts

With this software I can definitively uninstall my programs easily and safely, and also with extra tools keep my privacy by cleaning web browser history and windows history, speed up my computer by cleaning junk files,  disable unneeded running programs and boost my start up and whats most important know that I am safe when Revo Uninstaller Pro backups up my computer in case something goes wrong so that I can recover my data. I recommend this software because it really does great job in uninstalling your files and also with safety of backup. It will keep your computer clean, it will protect your privacy, speed up your computer. You can try it for yourself and see the difference:

Rating:  10 out 10

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rip Tiger Media Suite Edition


Lets say you watch videos on YouTube, how difficult would it be to download video from it? In past people would have to find websites to input URL into to download videos with slow conversion speeds. Also programs doing these functions were quite slow with download and conversion. Well there is fix to all of these  an software called RipTiger Media Edition. With this program you will download video in seconds and without complications that you had to go through before, with this all you have to do is watch video on YouTube and it will automatically or when specified will download your videos fast and you get conversion feature in it so that you can convert video to you portable device formats. What so cool is that you can even record Internet Radio, or Capture for example online TV or Webcast. You have tons of great features that will make your Video download experience simpler and faster and along with this you get other tools that will be beneficial for your occasion.


  • Advanced Video Ripping
  • Capture videos from your favorite sites like YouTube
  • Simple Install in seconds
  • You can eve convert video with an add on All Music Converter
  • Record Internet TV and Webcast's
  • Superior Download Speed
  • Input specified URL's from which to download videos
  • Many Video Conversion Formats
  • Transfer downloaded Videos to iPod
  • Convert Music or download Music from Video
  • Record Internet Radios
  • Download free MP3's 
  • Rip and Backup DVD disks 
Final Thoughts

RipTiger Media Suite has speed, performance and simpleness that can be counted on, I recommend this software because I have had experience of old fashioned video downloading and it was quite pain searching for websites that can download videos, and then searching for different conversion programs, but with RipTiger you don't have to search everything is in the program, and it will make your life easier and it will save you time.  You can try it for your self and see the difference:

Rating:  8 out 10

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roxio Creator 2012

If you are need a software that can rip, burn music, convert it, burn files data, make backups, record, edit and burn videos, even edit your favorite pictures then refer to Roxio Creator 2012 because this software has tools that will enable you to do tasks that previously required many different software's.


  • Rip Music
  • Burn Music
  • Convert Music
  • Burn Data Files
  • Make Backups
  • Record, Edit and Burn Videos
  • Edit Pictures
  • Easy sharing of your video creations to your favorite websites like Facebook, Youtube
  • Add Magic 3D to your videos

Final Thoughts
This is really amazing how many different tools they have put inside of this one program, burning, Rip tools, Editing, Capturing Video and Converting. This really made my life easier and simpler because I don't have to search around for different programs to do my tasks when I have all of them in this one program Roxio Creator 2012. I recommend this software because it really has performance, stability, quality, efficiency. Check this software out at:

Rating: 10 out 10


I always watch DVD movies and the trouble that I have is after many uses the DVD's get scratched and don't work anymore properly. Well there great solution to this software called DVD CLONER that can make copy of your DVD's so that you can backup you DVD's in case if you have DVD that is not playable anymore.


  • HST Technology can decrypt all of the DVD protection and can enable you to make copy of DVD and protect them. 
  • Superior speed that makes DVD Coping Faster and Stable
  • Simple fine user interface that anyone can get adjusted to
  • OET Technology enables you to copy latest DVD formats
  • You can combine multiple DVD's to one DVD+-R DL or BD-R/RE
  • You can even backup Blu-Ray to your diskdrive
  • Whats so cool is that it removes annoying legal warning clips and advertising clips which in turn can let you to play movies faster without wasting time skipping advertisements and warning screens
  • Supports Multicore CPU
Final Thoughts

This is really great tool with speed and performance and stability, this tool can protect you from unreadable DVD movies, with it you can backup your DVD's a and also this tool will save you watching time by deleting contents of DVD like advertisements and annoying Warning Legal screens. I recommend this software to you because I have used it and have compared it to some other software and definitely there is more performance and stability with this software and just about anyone can use it with its simple interface. You can download trial version and see it for yourself at:

Rating: 10 out 10

123CopyDVD Platinum


Lots of people watch DVD Movies, and if you repeatedly watch similar movies, they can get scratched and next time when you try to watch it again on your DVD player it possibly will not work. Well solution to this is that you can backup all your movies on time and preserve them so that when you have an DVD that is not working you can have an backup one.


  • Convert 2D movies to 3D
  • Media Streamer-Just upload video and you can access it from anywhere in World. 
  • You can even copy Blu-Ray movies it's one of the hot newest formats
  • Burn Blu-Ray onto DVD's and avoid buying expensive blank Blu-Ray Disks
  • Whats cool is that what ever you copy, you have an option to convert it to lots of formats and you can choose which one fits your occasion, perhaps you can convert it to your cellphone video format or to your portable media player format. 
  • Another good feature is that you can download videos from YouTube and also, find your favorite videos and store them on computer or even go step further and burn them onto DVD's to watch them on your TV
Final Thougths

This is really amazing software that's got tools that will protect your DVD and Backup your DVD so next time when you put that DVD you can be sure that It will work. It has tons of formats that you can convert your video to so that you don't have to buy additional software, and you can convert your video to your favorite devices. This software is simple and very effective with performance.  I am recommending you this software because I have used it and I have seen difference, it has made my life simpler, it has protected my DVD's  so that I don't have to worry about DVD not working, it has enabled me to transfer my favorite video to my portable devices, also I can share these video with my family across the Ocean with an easy upload. Also I watch tons of YouTube video and definitely there are videos that I want to preserve on my desktop and burn onto DVD so that I can watch them on bigger Television screen. You can try this software for yourself and see the difference: 

Rating: 10 out 10

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ashampoo Office 2012

Introduction- Most of us who attend Universities or any type of school get assignments like projects that deal with writing essays, creating slide-shows or creating charts and doings calculations. Well the Office Suite software that's out now is too much money costing over $300-400 and freeware versions of Office Suites are incompatible and have weird layouts and user interfaces. Well I started using The Ashampoo Office Suite 2012 the price is amazing only $39.99 which is very affordable and also the features that you get in this software are compatible, simple and efficient.


Text Maker- Is compatible with various formats, easy to use interface, lots of features.

Plan Maker- Easy to use spreadsheet that enables you to do calculations easily with over 330 calculation functions and you can also create impressive charts that can enable you to visualize your data easily.

Ashampoo Presentation- Excellent templates and amazing animations as well as transition based on direct x technology.

Final Thoughts
This is wonderful product that has everything in it that Software Suites like can range in price from $300-400 and this wonderful Ashampoo Office 2012 costs only $39.99 and don't think that price will bring features down because these guys have added features that will make your life simpler, more efficient and productive.
Try it for yourself and see the difference I am recommending this software because it really is the top.

Rating: 8 out 10

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ashampoo Burning Studio 11

Ashampoo Burning Studio 11


Most of us today burn files to DVD, CD and BlueRay.  There are freeware programs out there that have these type of features with sluggish performance, weard layouts, and functions. I have tried many Burning Softwares but I was never happy. I even tried top softwares like Nero in which you will get third party software that you don't have option to cancel its installation. I was really unhappy to the point when I found out about software called Ashampoo Burning Studio 11. First time when I installed software I was really amazed by the software interface. It was really simple, organized user interface that anyone can adjust to and start creating work that previously was seen as complicated. I burned iso files, copied CD's, DVD's and also burned music Disks. The speed was unbelivable, it took like few minutes to burn iso files onto DVD, also when I burned mp3 Disks also the speeds were amazing with about couple of  minutes to burn the whole disk. As I said I trued many other software that had slow performances in which it took me about 10-15 minutes to created DVD and CD disks and when I switched over to Ashampoo I did that in like few minutes. There is no such a software out there, this software has style, performance, speed, simpleness and the affordability is amazing comparing it to some other softwares.


Easy to Use- Comfortable, organized style, user interface and layout.

Fast Speed- It took me like 3-7 minutes to accomplish jobs that before I had to wait for like 15 minutes with different softwares.

Burn Files and Folder- You can Burn files such as pictures, documents on CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disk and this keeps your files safer and also enables you to save space on your computer.

Backup and Restore Files and Folders- You can protect your important files and keep them safe and save space encryption and protection that's included in when creating backups.

Burn or Rip Music- You can create and Audio Disk, or for example if you have CD that you all ready play in your car or your friend borrowed you Music CD and you really liked music and wanted to store it on your computer well with Rip features you can copy the mp3 tracks from the disk on to your computer.

Burn Movies- You can be creative and create your own movies with menus, for example if you have photos and you wanted to make DVD photo Slideshow with this software that build into it and you dont have to buy additional programs. Also if you have movies that you have downloaded and wanted to burn, with this if you have prepared folder with necessary files like VOB, BUP, and IFO  you can easily burn movies and watch them on your dvd player. Also if you have an Blu-ray movie also if you have it prepared with necessary files  you can easily burn it onto Blu-ray disk to watch it on Blu-ray player. You can also burn movies onto CD to play it on the computer. These are some of the features but there are quite more in the software.

Copy a CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disk- I you have lets say music disk that you like and wanted to make copy of it for your personal use, then all it takes is to insert disk into computer and let this program do the rest with easy guidelines and in minutes your music disk will be finished. Also if you have DVD movies or Blue-ray movies that you wanted to make backup of, with Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 all it takes is to click on the option to copy specified file and program does the rest and when copying is finished it will say insert blank disk and that all it will finish the rest.

Create/Burn/Browse Disk Images- Lets say you have downloaded iso file and you wanted to burn it onto DVD so that you can run that file. All you do is select option Create/Burn/Browse Disk Images and select Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray from a Disk image and what so cool is there a simple button add files and that allows you to easily access your iso file from the computer and then click next button, it tells you insert empty disk, click burn, it your job will be finished in minutes.

Advanced Functions- You can create modified copy of an existing CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disk. This function works also with bootable disks.

Erase CD-RW, DVD+RW- This works on rewritable disks, lets say you have an cd or dvd that full and you wanted to use it again, well it has to be CD-RW or DVD+RW and with a click using Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 feature called Erase, it will format your disk and enable to use it again on your project.

Print and Design: Covers, Labels, and Booklets- This is really a creative side that enables you to create proffesional covers, labels and booklets for your disks.  With a click you can add your cover images and create dvd cases, dvd booklet, slim case , jewel case or Blu-ray cover or disk covers.

Final Thoughts
This is really cool software with performance, style, simpleness, speed. In this software you have features that will make your Burning projects faster, easier to develop and will even enable you to be creative and to design proffesional covers for your projects. You have amazing features that are priceless. I have to recommend this software because I truly know that its best out there, I have been using it and I noticed the differences in this program versus other programs. For me this program wins. You can try it for yourself and see the difference. You can download trial version at following website link:

RATING- 10 out 10 

Monday, January 2, 2012

WinRAR 4.0

I always download big files from internet, but in many cases these files will be in an zip format. To open these files you will need a zip archive opener software. Yes there were many freeware programs with sluggish functions, weird menus and layouts. Also these freeware software had advertisements. I started using the WinRAR 4.0 and I was amazed by its features, performance and simpleness. Yes it does cost money but you get what you pay for, and it will make your PC organized, it will save you disk space, and make our files compressed at fast rate. Also you don't have to worry about compression formats because this software is compatible with most common compression formats out there.


Compression- It compresses files and archives and makes it more faster to send and to upload files. It also saves you disk space. It goes even further than other competitive programs by creating smaller archives at an quite fast rate.

WinRAR Compression Formats: RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z AND 7-ZIP.  This is great because I don't have to worry whether I download archive with ZIP format or RAR, with this program you can open many formats. In past I had problems with freeware software that were not able to open up some of the formats that I downloaded, so I had to run around and search for right archive opener, it was too much pain. WinRAR is compatible with most common formats out there. Also for example if you have large media files adn you would like to send them over email service, well most of the services ou there have limits and most of the media files are larger size. WinRAR will utilize the best compression method for your specific files and this will decrease the file size so that's easier to upload it to your favorite sites, emails, online storage and also it will free your disk space.

Splitting Archives: Lets say you have files that are too large even in compressed format to fit on one disk well with this program you can split archives into separate volumes and in this way you can save them to several disks.

Encryption: Most of us want to protect the files from hackers, unknown people from accessing them. Well if you have archive and you want to protect it, WinRAR has an 128 bit password encryption that will protect your files when you are sending them through the internet. This encryption system is used by many top agencies through out the World and its one of the safest methods.

Language:  It comes around with 28 different languages that cover most of the Technologically Advanced Regions and also it comes with system type 32bit and 64bit depending on your system.

Final Thoughts
This is great tool with top features, security, speeds, formats. This program you can definitely rely on because it will save you time, and make your life simpler. This is really great tool that made my life simpler. I recommend this software because it really is top and it has great features and performance that you can rely on.  Now I don't have to look around anymore for the software that perform like WinRAR because there is no such software like WinRAR. Try it for yourself and you will realize the performance of WinRAR. 


Rating:  10 out 10


Zentimo xStorage Manager 1.5

Introduction: I always plug in USB storage device into the USB port and this is one of the most common methods of saving your data to drive. Yes you get a storage manager that's build into the windows  but let me give you warning!!! I had a 4gb USB flash drive that has been damaged when I pulled it out, yes I clicked on the option to safely disconnect it from computer and next time when I plugged it in it wasn't working anymore. So if you don't want broken USB flashdrives or other storage media then I recommend you to switch over to Zentimo xStorage Manager because with this it will be easier, safer, faster to manage your external storage devices. 

  • Handy menu
  • One click removal
  • Return stopped device
  • Forced device stopping
  • Supports: USB, SATA, Firewire Devices
  • It also has shortcuts using your keyboard functions for simpler and faster use
  • Auto run on insertion
  • It puts an letter for the drives so that you know which one is which
  • When you stop drive it powers it off for safe removal
  • It has Menu with lots of info about your drives
  • With a click on specific device takes you to its folder
  • Its has more than average speeds
  • Strong TrueCrypt integration

Final Thoughts
This is really great program that makes sure that you disconnect your device properly, also it organizes your devices into menus for simpler access. It doesn't require lots of memory to run on your computer.  For personal license its only $29 which is great price. I lost an USB flashdrive that costed more money than $29, so its better on time to buy right software to protect yourself from device failure. So if you want to protect your devices and make your life simpler and faster using USB PORTS then you definitely want to check out this program. Try it or download this great program at the following website: