Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kingsoft Office 2012

I needed office suite for my classes; I couldn’t afford it, office suites at that time out there cost anywhere from 200 to 700 dollars. That was time before I found out about Kingsoft Office. Freeware version of Kingsoft Office 2012 came out somewhere around September of 2011. I downloaded it and started using it. Download size was of about 82mb which was amazing when you compare it to other office suites file sizes that range from 200mb to 800mb.  I was amazed finally it was first freeware office suite that can go against Microsoft Office. It was very compatible with Microsoft office.  Whatever I created in it, when I opened it in Microsoft office came out exact with no problems.
·         Kinsoft Writer- Style that competes with top office suites, It has font art, it has graphic art that you can insert. Lots of fonts to choose from, and spell checker.
·         Kingsoft Presentation-Easy to use with many presentation templates to choose from, for example depending on type of presentation, if you want to insert video, pictures, graphs, there are buttons on specific slide templates that you click and easily add your graphics. Also you can choose design of you background.
·         Kingsoft Spreadsheet- Choose your data, Set number of rows, and columns, input your data; calculate using formula system that is used in Microsoft office. Then if you want to show data in graphic mode, then you can create graphs and charts that people can visualize and understand your data better.
Final Thoughts
For me there was no better software, I have tried so many different freeware programs with weird and unfamiliar layouts, programs that weren’t compatible with top software used in my university. Kingsoft Office was only software that really matches and layout is familiar and Design is simple and most of all it has lots of features that you find in top software that cost anywhere from 200-700 dollars and the version that I was using was freeware. Recently Kingsoft Office pro came out and it costs 69$ vs if you want to spend 400$ for Microsoft Office that has very similar features as Kingsoft Office. I really recommend Kingsoft Office because it’s the best out there and the cost of it is amazing, also if you can not afford to buy pro, download freeware edition and you will be amazed.
Try it for yourself and you will be amazed:
Rating: 10 out 10

Sunday, December 25, 2011


I always use skype, google voice or some king of messaging software, and as we know in most of these softwares there is feature to talk over live video. The video that you get is simple or whatever you see in mirror is what you get. Well that seems boring to me, I came upon this program called WebcamMax and started trial version, it was fast installation. What is so cool about this software is that it takes away that plain video scene that you get from you webcam and places you into “different world” it all depends what’s of your flavor. This software integrates with your messaging accounts like skype, yahoo messenger, aim messenger, msn messenger and so on… Then next time when you go onto using your webcam you can add cool effects like smiley faces, tons of different faces, you can ever transform your own face into an alien face or even your background can be replaces from your living room into an Hollywood scene or make it look like you are some king of star, tv anchor. There are tons of occasions that can fit your style, for example during different celebrations or events you can set different styles that fit your occasion. For example for Halloween you can apply scary pumpkin face or some king of horror background to make it more interesting.  For example if you have children, then you can put up teddy bear or masked faces that fit your children’s taste.  You can even use markers or pencil that you find in programs like paint to draw outline of your face or perhaps draw glasses or mustaches and you have many different colors to choose from.   You can make weird faces, distort your face, make yourself look like Frankenstein, it’s unbelievable what you can do.  You can make angels fly over you or birds, its amazing, also along you can transform yourself from short hair to rock star hair look alike with long type of hair. Maybe change yourself from if you are male to female try different. Who travels a lot, its expensive, no problem with this software you don’t have to travel it takes you and it puts you to Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco, London, Pisa, Shanghai, many different cities.  You can also do fire effect, like you are burning. Photo collage is another effect. Black and White style takes you to the period of time before color TV.  This is wonderful software that has lots of features and is very effective. If you really want to make yourself outstand other in video chat then I refer you to this program, than really can make you star: check it out and try it for yourself!!! Website:  Rating: 9 out 10