Monday, July 23, 2012

Nero Burning Rom 11


There are lots of software out there for burning, ripping and copying your media, but many of them are complicated and not reliable. Nero is an software company that has been around for decades and had created products that are reliable, safe, secure, and efficient. One of those products is Nero Burning Rom 11.

  • Using new technology Nero Burning Rom 11 allows you to burn disks that will work even if they are full of scratches, or have been sitting around. 
  • What is cool is that when you burn oversized files and you can't fit them all on one disk, Nero Burning Rom 11 allows you to split them on two disks, this is really good because other programs are rare which allow this function.
  • Secure Scan is another feature that will guarantee secure burned disks
  • Lets say you have an music disk, or media disk and you wanted to preserve it or back it up, well with Nero Burning Rom 11 disk copy, you can copy your music disk, HD disks, Blu-ray, its compatible with newest formats.

Before I had to use 3 to 4 different programs to accomplish tasks that Nero Burning Rom 11 has built in, its amazing that you can have all tools in one program, this saves time because you don't have to look around for different programs, also saves you money so that you don't have to buy different software, its really efficient, easy, worth the money.

you can try Nero Burning Rom 11 and see the difference:

Rating: 9 out 10

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