Wednesday, July 25, 2012

µTorrent Plus


 µTorrent has been around for half a decade. Its small file size, fast speed, efficient, easy to use torrent client, that outsmarts and outruns all other torrent clients.


  • File size is tiny less than 1 megabyte = fast download and fast installation
  • Simple interface, download torrents with ease
  • With uTorrent Remote, you can access your torrents from anywhere
  • Quiet/Fast- doesn't require lots of PC resources so it will not slow down your computer, also it will download torrents fast
  •  µTP technology maximizes bandwidth and reduces congestion
  • Smart- it automatically adjusts bandwidth according to your computer network speed 
  • µTorrent  Plus will protect you against viruses from torrent files
  • It plays more formats than freeware version
  • You can even convert files to play on your favorite media devices
  • Be safe with secure remote access to the files

This is great torrent client, I am recommending you this software because I have been user of it for years and there is no such software , you can try freeware version of µTorrent or buy µTorrent Plus at and see the difference in this software.

Rating 10 out 10

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